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24th July 2009

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This past Tuesday I went to my first meeting.  (If you’ve never hear of def check it out…you can find someone with mutual interests on just about any topic.)  The meeting was an intercambio for people in Barcelona who want to learn Spanish or English.  Basically, you go, join a group of 4-6 people and every 15 mins or so you switch back and forth between English and Spanish.  There were a lot of “new to Barcelona” people there, but also a lot of native Barcelonians (?) there trying to learn English.  It was great!

One of the guys in my group initially said he was an economist, but later when I asked him more, told me that he works in marketing.  That didn’t really sound right to me, but after some digging I found out he basically does market research and lately has been doing tourism projects for locations around the world (which actually sounds cool…unlike economist..or even marketer).  I asked him what Barcelona’s “tagline” is…like the “I love NY” or the “city that never sleeps.”  He said he didn’t think they had one, but a few years ago, the tried to split up Barcelona into its three syllabels -

Bar - obviously

Cel - means sky in catalan (cielo in castilian)

Ona - means wave in catalan (ola in castilian)

I love this, most especially because my last three days have been this exactly.

Bar - went out on Tuesday night for the Madonna concert after party at a club on the beach called Opium.  Madonna’s touring DJ, Paul Oakenfold, was playing there and we had a blast.  He was just really getting going at 4am when we had to call it a night.

Cel - obvioulsy there have been lots of blue sky and fresh air that I’ve been enjoying all summer here, but I think sky also means architecture in Barcelona.  When you look around you’re surrounded by beautiful, unique “sky” virtually everywhere you go.  I enjoyed this especially when I went for a stroll around Gaudi park this week (after biking there…love the city bikes!) and when I went for a day trip yesterday up to Figueres to see the Teatre Museu Dali.  This is an old theater in the town of Figueres that Dali completely restored and filled with his craziness.  It was packed! - but very good to see.

Ona - the playa…the perfect place to literally “burn off” a late night of dancing, which is exactly what I did on Wednesday!  (Speaking of burn - do NOT try Burn energy drink…it is killer!)  Actually though, the Mediterranean is usually pretty still, but there have been some big waves here this summer.  There’s also another type of wave that’s been passing through in the form of HEAT.  It was 42 degrees celcius here yesterday (double that and add 30 for farenheit).  YIKES.  Not fun when you don’t have an AC…which is exactly why I’m planted in front of my fan right now :)

So, in summary, I think they should bring back Bar.cel.ona.  It works!

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